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Pro Series Pigeon Decoys (6 Upright , 6 Feeders)

Pro Series Pigeon Decoys (6 Upright , 6 Feeders)


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  • Description

    You’ve burned countless gallons of fuel on scouting, fired cases of shells getting your shotgun perfected and spent unknown amounts of money on gear because all wingshooters have their own unique sporting vices. So why would you risk an opening day bust on a bucket because you never believed in using pigeon or dove decoys? No different how professional guides of waterfowl, turkey, predators and big game know the effectiveness of decoys, professional guides of dove and pigeon hunting also know the these decoys are essential to their livelihood. Carved and painted to perfected detail, the Rock Pigeon decoys also come with round bases that allows the decoys to simulate ground feeding.


    • (1) Dark Blue checkered feeder
    • (1) Dark Blue checkered upright
    • (1) Brown bar feeder
    • (1) Brown bar upright
    • (2) Blue Bar feeder
    • (2) Blue Bar upright
    • (2) Light blue checkered feeder
    • (2) Light blue checkered upright
    • Size Upright 13.5" Tail to Beak
    • Size Feeder 13.25" Tail to Beak
    • Carved by Master Carver Don Mintz
    • Includes 12 Round Bases
    • Packaged Per Dozen (6 Feeders, 6 Uprights)

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