Tanglefree Stealth Grass


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    Made from all natural grasses, Tanglefree's Stealth Grass will help your hunt be more successful by blending you into the natural environment. Perfectly dyed and mixed into 3 different unique options allows you to choose the perfect camo to cover your blind or boat. Whether you are hunting in a dry field, boat or marsh, Tanglefree Stealth Grass will have you covered. One 5 lb bag will provide a good base for a layout blind.

    **Actual weight can vary +/- 1/2 pound

    Field Blend Blind – Five (5) different color bundles in the blend. -Brown/Dirt -Burgundy -Light Brown/Dirt -Light Burgundy -Moss Green 

    Corn Stalk Blind – Three (3) different color bundles in the blend. -Brown/Dirt -Tan -Burgundy

    Natural – One color in the blend. -Tan

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