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Flight Redhead

Flight Redhead


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  • Description

    When it comes to divers there is nothing like a fast-flying flock of Redheads charging feet-down into your spread!

    Flight Series Redhead decoys feature highly-detailed carvings by Michael Braun with incredible feather detail, high-density foam filling, and our time-tested weighted keel. Ultra-realistic paint schemes bring these dazzling decoys to life, drawing the birds from far off and sailing them straight down your lines for a perfect set up.

    Available in convenient packs of six, Tanglefree's Flight Series Redhead decoys include four stunning Drakes and two Hens showing off incredible true-to-life Upright, Rester, and even Sleeper poses.

    Tanglefree's Flight Series Redhead decoys are the most realistic production decoy the industry has ever witnessed; a decoy designed for those truly dedicated to hunting divers.


    • Carved by Michael Braun
    • Ultra Realistic Paint Schemes and Feather Detail
    • Weighted keel
    • Foam filled
    • Packaged per 6 (2 Upright Drakes, 1 Rester Drake, 1 Sleeper Drake, 1 Upright Hen, 1 Rester Hen)
    • Upright: 11.7" 
    • Rester: 12.4" 
    • Sleeper: 11.1" 


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