Pro Series Full Body American Wigeon


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    Why produce a fully body Wigeon? Tanglefree has two reasons:  #1 Wigeon feed in fields and very shallow waters, adding full-body Wigeon in ankle deep water or fields adds genuine realism to any puddler decoy spread. #2 We listened to our customers.  We have  field tested a variety of colors and shades to create a results-proven Wigeon decoy.


    • Feeder 16.25" Tail to Bill
    • Upright 16" Tail to Bill
    • Includes 6 Run N' Gun Field Stakes & 6 Round Bases
    • Packaged Per 6 (2 Feeder Drakes, 2 Upright Drakes, 1 Feeder Hen, 1 Upright Hen)
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