Fully Flocked Sandhill Crane Skinny (12 Pack)


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    We figured out a way to fully flock our skinny decoys while still maintaining true feather detail. The Fully Flocked Skinnies are a great tool to fight those horizon and twilight sun beams as the season get’s longer and the geese get smarter!

    Fully Flocked Sandhill Crane Skinny 12 Pack // 6 Feeders, 2 Sentries, 2 Walkers, and 2 Uprights.

    EZ Grab Handle 

    Stake size:  32"

    Decoy size

    • Feeder:  32" tail to bill
    • Upright:  36.5"  tail to bill
    • Sentries:  30"  tail to bill
    • Walker:  32 1/4"  tail to bill
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