Canada Goose Slammer Sock – 12 Pack w/ Flocked 3d Head / Pre-Assembled

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  • Description

    These Canada Slammer Socks are sure to fit right in alongside Tanglefree Full Body and Skinny decoys.

    Pre-assembled, collapsible back support & 3D flocked heads.

    What’s in the box (One Dozen Decoys):

    • 8 Pre-Assembled Feeders
    • 4 Pre-Assembled Uprights (Upright heads just need to clip on to the top of the cap.)
    • Flocked 3D heads
    • Collapsible Stainless Steel Back Support
    • Easy Grab Stake Cap
    • 28″ Fiberglass Rod
    • Tough Tyvek Material
    • Sock Dimensions: 21.5″ x 13″
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