High Wind Panel Blind Stabilizer


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    Panel Blind Stabilizers are designed to lock in the Panel Blind and provide maximum stability in any situation including high winds. Additionally, the PB Stabilizers provide you the ability to create a totally unobstructed walk through blind setup to any length desired unlike any other blind on the market! Folding flat for easy storage and with 3 in-use adjustment angles on each side you can customize to uneven ground or desired blind width.

    You'll need one set of stabilizers for every two panel blinds (front & back). One set is 2 Stabilizers. (NOTE: Panel Blinds not included)

    Consolidated size for storage:  38" x 2.75" x 1"

    Setup width: 68.5" 

    Setup height: adjusts from 39.5" to 53"

    Angle of the blind adjusts to 3 different holes

    Metal: Aluminum (Note: Bolts are Steel)

    Weight: 15.24 lbs

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