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Flight Series Puddle Duck Decoy Combo 18 Pack

Flight Series Puddle Duck Decoy Combo 18 Pack


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  • Description

    Flight Series Puddle Duck Decoys Combo 18 Pack

    Elevate your waterfowl hunting experience with the Flight Series Puddle Duck Decoys Combo 18 Pack, meticulously crafted by the renowned Michael Braun. This exceptional decoy set boasts ultra-realistic paint schemes and feather detail, ensuring an unparalleled level of authenticity that will entice even the most cautious ducks.

    Key Features

    • Masterfully Carved by Michael Braun: Each decoy in this combo pack is a testament to the skill and artistry of Michael Braun, a name synonymous with excellence in decoy carving. Enjoy lifelike representations that mirror the grace and allure of live waterfowl.

    • Ultra-Realistic Paint Schemes: The attention to detail extends to the vivid and true-to-life paint schemes, capturing the essence of different duck species. These decoys stand out on the water, attracting ducks from afar with their irresistible realism.

    • Feather Detail Beyond Compare: Experience the next level of authenticity with meticulously carved feather details. The fine craftsmanship ensures that every feather is accurately represented, making these decoys indistinguishable from live ducks.

    • Weighted Keel for Stability: Designed with precision, the weighted keel ensures stability even in challenging water conditions. These decoys stay anchored, creating a convincing and natural-looking spread that will fool even the most wary ducks.

    • Strategically Packaged Combo: Arriving in a pack of 18, the set includes 12 drakes and 6 hens, featuring 4 Wigeon Drakes, 4 Pintail Drakes, 4 Green Wing Teal Drakes, 2 Wigeon Hens, 2 Pintail Hens, and 2 Green Wing Teal Hens. This thoughtfully curated assortment provides versatility in your decoy spread, catering to various duck species.

    The Flight Series Puddle Duck Decoys Combo 18 Pack is tailor-made for the dedicated waterfowl duck hunter who demands excellence in every aspect of their gear. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or a passionate newcomer, these decoys enhance your hunting setup, increasing your chances of a successful outing.


    Invest in the Flight Series Puddle Duck Decoys Combo 18 Pack, and experience waterfowl hunting at its finest – where precision meets passion in the pursuit of the perfect shot.

      Pintail Quantity and Size:
      • 2 Upright Drakes: 18.75"
      • 2 Rester Drakes: 18.5"
      • 2 Hens: 15.6"

      Wigeon Quantity and Size:

      • 2 Upright Drakes: 16"
      • 2 Rester Drakes: 14"
      • 2 Rester Hens: 12.6"

      Green Wing Teal Quantity and Size:

      • 2 Upright Drakes: 11.75"
      • 2 Skimmer Drakes: 12.1"
      • 1 Upright Hen: 11.4"
      • 1 Skimmer Hen: 13.25"

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    Customer Reviews