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Flight Canvasback

Flight Canvasback


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  • Description

    There is no mistaking that beautiful, broad white back, large red head, and obsidian-black bill; when The King of waterfowl comes to town only the best decoys will do.

    Flight Series Canvasback decoys feature highly-detailed carvings by Michael Braun with incredible feather detail, high-density foam-filling, and our time-tested weighted keel. Ultra-realistic paint schemes bring these highly-attractive decoys to life, drawing the birds from far off and sucking them right into your spread.

    Available in convenient packs of six, Tanglefree's Flight Series Canvasback decoys include four stunning Drakes and two Hens showing off incredible true-to-life Upright, Rester, and even Sleeper poses.

    Tanglefree's Flight Series Canvasback decoys are most realistic production decoy the industry has ever witnessed; a decoy truly fit for waterfowl's Royalty.

    • Carved by Michael Braun
    • Ultra Realistic Paint Schemes and Feather Detail
    • Weighted keel
    • Foam filled
    • Packaged per 6 (2 Upright Drakes, 1 Rester Drake, 1 Sleeper Drake, 1 Upright Hen, 1 Rester Hen)
    • Upright: 14.7" 
    • Rester: 13.7" 
    • Sleeper: 12.3" 

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Customer Reviews