Fully Flocked Mallard Skinny Decoys


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    New for 2020/2021! We figured out a way to fully flock our skinny decoys while still maintaining true feather detail.  The Fully Flocked Skinny’s are great tool to fight those horizon and twilight sun beams as the season get’s longer and the ducks get smarter!

    Fully Flocked Mallard Skinny 12 Pack // 4 Drake Feeders, 2 Drake Uprights, 2 Drake Resters, 2 Hen Feeders, 2 Hen Uprights.

    Stake length 17"

    Decoy size:


    • Feeder: 20.25"
    • Upright: 18.5"
    • Rester: 19"


    • Feeder: 20.5"
    • Upright: 18.5"

    Duck Skinny Bag: View Here 

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