Slammer Sock Mixed 50 Pack / Pre-Assembled


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    New for 2020 is the Mixed 50 pack of Pre-Assembled Headless Slammer Socks, this new pack is not just a new mixture of decoys but an updated artwork design based on actual bird feathering to bring the most realistic wind sock decoy to market.  The pack includes 30 Snows, 10 Juvenile Snows and 10 Blue Geese decoys that are Pre-Assembled and ready to go right out of the box!


    • 30 Snow Goose Feeders
    • 10 Juvenile Snow Goose
    • 10 Blue Goose 
    • Pre-Assembled 
    • Collapsible Stainless Steel Back Support
    • Easy Grab Stake Cap
    • 28" Fiberglass Rod
    • Tough Tyvek Material
    • Sock Dimensions: 19" x 13"
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