Pro Series Canada Goose Full Body Uprights


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    Designed to the same standards as the Greater Canada Geese, these Life Sized Canada Geese will give you biggest bang for your buck. However, for every 2 Greater Canada Geese you can squeeze in about 3 Life Sized Geese in the same amount of storage and transport space. The greatest benefit is seen how these life sized geese naturally blend into a decoy spread among Greaters. Why limit yourself to one species of Canada Geese when this will open you up to a new world of subspecies?
    • Size 24.5" Tail to Bill
    • Flocked Detachable Heads 
    • Intricate Feather Detail
    • Lifelike Motion
    • Includes 6 Round Bases
    • Packaged Per 6 (2 High Actives, 2 Actives, 2 Resters)
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