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360 Solo Blind - First Lite Typha™

360 Solo Blind - First Lite Typha™


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    When it is just you and your retriever out in the field you may opt to scale-down the spread, but skimping on your hide would simply be silly.  Tanglefree's 360 Solo Blind is a game-changing, highly-durable personal panel blind that provides full and comfortable 360-degree concealment for you and your hard-working retriever in all types of settings from flooded fields to rushing river banks.  Weighing less than the Flight Series Layout Blind and featuring a folding design with carrying handle and strap, you can easily sling it over your shoulder or stick it in your sled. And with setup taking a mere minute, you'll have more time to stuff the stitched-on stubble straps with fresh, natural cover to make you truly disappear into your surroundings.  In support of your canine companion, the blind is equipped with a built-in dog door to allow maximum concealment and companionship while at the same time making it easy to mark birds and retrieve them without disturbing your setup. And the two interior storage pouches provide a place to put their gear and yours. The 360 Solo Blind delivers maximum concealment in a small footprint with minimum effort - the perfect solution for this season's solo hunts.


    • Camo Pattern: First Lite Typha™
    • Durable construction
    • Aluminum frame
    • 360 degrees of concealment 
    • Built in dog door
    • Conceals 1 hunter and 1 dog comfortably
    • Stubble straps
    • Carry handle and shoulder strap
    • 10 panels
    • 2 Interior storage pouches
    • 4 stakes and built in stake pocket
    • Size (folded): 13"-20" x 44" x 5.75"
    • Size (Each panel): 13"- 20" x 44" Tall
    • Size (Top diameter when set up): 36"
    • Size (Bottom diameter when set up): 60"

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Customer Reviews