Canada Skinny Decoys (12 Pack)

Canada Decoys

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    The all New Tanglefree Canada Skinny Decoys are a must add to any goose hunters toolbox.  Whether you're using them as a stand alone walk in spread, bulking up your full bodies or going big on a lesser spread the New Tanglefree Canada Skinny Decoys add a new dimension to the tricks we can offer!

    Canada Skinny 12 Pack with Flocked Heads // 8 Feeders, 2 Uprights, 2 Walkers.

    Stake length 21"

    EZ Grab Handle

    Decoy size:

    • Feeder: 26"
    • Upright: 23.5"
    • Walker: 25.25"

    Skinny Bag: View Here 

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