The Original Tanglefree Lead Anchors

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The original decoy anchor that gave “Tanglefree” its name over 40 years ago. When used as intended, you can just drop the decoys, line and anchor in your decoy bag and go. You no longer need to wind line around bodies and neck because the line eliminates potential decoy tangles and birds nest knots. This anchor is Tanglefree.

The Original Tanglefree Lead Anchors have superior performance when paired with Tanglefree depth adjusters and Original decoy line, but they can be used with other brands of decoy line. Compared to other decoy anchors, this “Tanglefree” anchor system does not require the purchase of decoy line crimps. Best of all, this decoy anchor system allows you to adjust for varying depths of water. Available in 12 packs of 4oz and 6 packs of 8oz anchors. Proudly made in the USA.

4oz – 12 pack

8oz – 6 pack




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