Pro Series Full Body Pintail

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4 Drakes

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Bring more color and visibility to your spread with Tanglefree’s Full Body Pintail Duck Decoys. With 3 different body styles, Tanglefree has the most realistic pintail decoys on the market. These decoys feature detailed texturing and color shadings that sets them apart from the any other manufacturer. Comes standard with both “Run N’ Gun” field stakes and round bases for ice.

  • Size Feeder 22.5″ Tail to Bill
  • Size Upright 19.75″ Tail to Bill
  • Size Sleeper 18″ Tail to Bill
  • Includes 4 Run N’ Gun Field Stakes & 4 Round Bases
  • Packaged Per 4 (2 Feeder Drakes, 1 Upright Drake, 1 Sleeper Drake)


Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 13.25 x 11 in


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