Deluxe 12 Slot Duck Decoy Bag – MAX4

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Without a doubt, the slot bag has been a lifesaver for organizing decoy and protecting your hard earned investment. Unlike open top slot bags, this deluxe 12-slot bag has a thick and durable cover with an easy to use zipper closure. Equipped with additional internal zipper pockets, an over the shoulder strap, carrying handles and comfortable backpack straps, it is the ultimate decoy bag for any situation requiring quick decoy set-up times and superior decoy protection. Praised by both puddle and diver duck hunters, you will not be disappointed.


Carries standard sized floating and most full body ducks, twelve deep slotted pockets, zippered top for easy and safe carrying, adjustable and padded backpack straps, shoulder strap.

Size:  39″ x 13″ 20″

Slot Size:  6.5″x6.5″

3 reviews for Deluxe 12 Slot Duck Decoy Bag – MAX4

  1. 5 out of 5


    Best duck 12 slot bag that I have found. The back pack straps really work very well. GREAT product

  2. 5 out of 5


    Bought a pair of these last summer for the 2016/2017 Duck Seasons in Colorado and got to use them on ~12 hunts. They are a very nice Decoy bag, have good sturdy zippers with pulls you can grab with cold/wet hands. The zippered covered is nice to keep the Dekes inside where they belong and not on the ground or in the bed of your truck after the bag tips over… My Dakota Flocked Mallard Dekes fit well, with the “feeder/resters” fitting a bit better than the “heads-up” Dekes, but they all fit just fine if you take a little extra time to organize them a bit. The extra mesh zipper pocket(s) in the inside of the top lid are a great place to store your Quiver Magnets and Neoprene Decoy gloves, etc… The backpack straps make carrying the Dekes any distance a breeze, and allows you to have the bag over your shoulders and frees up your arms to carry your shotgun and a blind bag… I used these to carry my Dekes on several Reservoir type hunts, as well as out into several Marshes on some “hit and run” hunts where I needed to be mobile… They worked great and took the abuse in stride… I’m planning to buy the 6 slot Goose version to be able to carry Goose floaters too… Well worth the money…

  3. 5 out of 5


    Best decoy bag without a doubt 👌🏼👌🏼🦆

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